Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco—de Young Museum

Windesheim Design used the texture of the new building as inspiration for this pencil set.


Windesheim Design used that same texture with color variations to apply the logo to T-shirts.



The original de Young logo included a leaf graphic that was dropped after the building construction was completed. The combination of the leaves and the Legion motif, were used for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s combination logo.



La Cocina Incubator Kitchen

When La Cocina first came to Windesheim Design for graphic help, the logo had already been designed. we were able to update the color palette and develop new graphic elements to help add vibrancy to the growing business. The logo was also adapted for different uses as other needs came up.


These graphic elements were developed to enhance the La Cocina brand.




The stationery system uses the La Cocina bird as a background texture to add excitement.



When LaCocina needed a site to be able to inform their growing audience about all that they offered, we were able to apply the “look” to a clean template that we developed as their needs grew.



Leadership Search Partners

Leadership Search Partners asked Windesheim Design to design a logo that would represent them in the corporate world. The multilayered, lens-type graphic shows a melding of different tones with a clean sharp focus.



Stationery System



Windesheim Design developed a responsive website design that would help LSP let people know more about their search process and results.



Additional logos

Law Offices in San Jose, CA



The fundraising organization within Temple Sinai in Oakland, CA



The Legacy Circle is a sub-organization of Yesod at Temple Sinai in Oakland. CA



TMB Baking offers world-class bakery equipment, small wares, consulting and kitchen layout services in South San Francisco, CA



A collaborative healthcare group, San Francisco, CA


Financial solutions for non-profit organizations in San Francisco, CA



Refresh of San Francisco State University’s Osher Learning Institute logo



Esmeralda Slide Park logo, San Francisco, CA



KMD Productions—Event Planning & Production, Pleasant Hill, CA



Market & opinion research services, Oakland, CA



Award winning bed & breakfast, San Francisco, CA


Alliance for Girls champions the leaders and voices that support young women and girls.


Co-Active Coaching, Los Angeles, CA



A collaboration of non-profit organizations that provide business training, funding and ongoing support to Bay Area Small & Micro Businesses serving San Francisco.




National AIDS Memorial Grove

Windesheim Design refreshed the original National AIDS Memorial Grove logo.



National AIDS Memorial Grove 20th Anniversary logo



National AIDS Memorial Grove 25th Anniversary logo



National AIDS Memorial Grove website



Two of the National AIDS Memorial Grove—World AIDS Day annual logo designs.



San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—SFMOMA

Windesheim Design used the architectural design of the new building to brand the various products for SFMOMA MuseumStore .



SFMOMA MuseumStore Pencil Set



SFMOMA MuseumStore bags, ads, and announcements had a consistent use of design and color.



Windesheim Design designed this Tyvek jacket  specifically for the SFMOMA groundbreaking ceremony.



This cube reveals various photos of the museum as it opens and folds.



Windesheim Design designed the boxes for the memorable SFMOMA “FogDome”.



We designed this FogDome box using Mario Botta’s (the architect) original sketch.



Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards

Windesheim Design designed the TEC Award based on a Sine wave.



After designing the TEC Logo, Windesheim Design applied it to all show materials.



Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards program book and nametag.



Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards show tickets and program book

The TEC awards venue alternated between San Francisco and New York City.



Mueller Nicholls Builders

Windesheim Design designed the Mueller Nicholls Builders logo



Mueller Nicholls Builders stationery and presentation folder



Mueller Nicholls Builders post cards were designed for various markets.



Mueller Nicholls Builders marketing collateral



Simplified Mueller Nicholls Builders logo for the company trucks



Mueller Nicholls Builders workers wearing branded clothing (shirts, jackets, hats, sweatshirts) help spread the MN name.



Windesheim Design designed and built the original Mueller Nicholls Builders website.